Top Words Of The Rugby Coaches Dispirited By The Semifinals

 Rovigo and Valorugby find themselves after losing the first leg semifinals with their backs to the wall, in the bad situation of having to recover. The defeats came in two particularly difficult matches due to the strength of the opponents and because they cast some shadows on the two teams' ability to hold on for the entire duration of the match, and now they are called to the last opportunity to conquer the coveted final on Sunday 28 May at the Lanfranchi in Parma.

Top Words Of The Rugby Coaches Dispirited By The Semifinals

Rovigo came out defeated in the Colorno match 19 to 14 proving to be particularly nervous in a challenge that perhaps he thought he would close already in the first leg, thanks to his first place in the general standings of the regular season. Far from it. Now he will have to rely on the "Battaglini" factor where his warm audience will surely play their part.

The statements of the Rovigo coach

Lodi, the Rosso Blu coach, thinks about how the match went like this: “We were undisciplined and we allowed Colorno to play in our half. We made a few forwards too many and a few mistakes in the breakdown but otherwise, they didn't put us in trouble. In the scrum we were dominant and I didn't understand some choices, but on the other hand, we knew that it wouldn't be an easy match in Colorno."

Then he closes the speech by turning his attention to the second leg which will be played at home, in Rovigo: "There was some individualism too much but now let's think about the second leg when we face Colorno head-on."

Valorugby coach statements

Manghi, technical director and coach of Valorugby Emilia, who lost the home match against Petrarca 17 to 22, is in a better mood after the match, considering the comeback almost missed by his team, certainly not favorites on the eve against the reigning champions: “The mistakes we made in the first half seemed to have jeopardized the game. Congratulations to the lads for reversing the situation with a strong second half. Although there wasn't enough time to finish the comeback, we traveled to Padua with pride after winning the point.."

Finally, a nice thought to the very generous public in Reggio Emilia: “And we will do everything possible to give the final to the splendid public who supported the team today. I believe that the real Player of the match was not a player but the many people from Reggio who crowded the stands of the Mirabello and whom we thank."

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