The TAD Overrides The VPC "A resolution of the Spanish court on training players ends"

A resolution of the Spanish court on training players ends - up splashing the tricolors with a retort

"We will not play the rising stage for paperwork causes." This is how the president of the VPC, Gerard Gimenez, informed us that the association was rejecting to participate in the promotion play-off to Honor Division B. A resolution of the Spanish TAD (administrative court of Sport) about another club in relation to the formation of players ended up splashing the tricolors and forcing them to make this decision. As the organization's top manager explained yesterday, only after starting the meeting with the representatives of the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) last April 21 did they inform them that a resolution of the TAD changed the interpretation of the players of formation and that the tricolors became eight and not 25, which made it impossible to play the promotion phases since the minimum number is nine.

The TAD Overrides The VPC "A resolution of the Spanish court on training players ends"

One of the requirements to be a formation player is to have Spanish parents or grandparents, but with the resolution of the TAD, all those who had made their debut with the chamois were already out of this category, leaving only eight members of the squad. Gimenez explained that "we were very clear that we could play and we thought that those selected by Andorra had to match those from Spain until there was a final verdict, but we didn't think it would come so soon".

The tricolors already knew since they left France that they could be surrounded by this problem with the licenses, and that is why talks with the FER started in December with the vice-president of the FAR, Albert Calvo, in a meeting in Paris. Precisely Calvo pointed out that "what the FER did not want was for one of its leagues or championships to be marked by another licensing problem, and they asked us for understanding". In the same sense, the Acting Secretary of State for Sports, Justo Ruiz, stated that "it was a situation that could generate more conflict after being left out of a World Cup by a player, and we chose to take a low profile and not to use the political route”.


The two parties are already working to solve this problem for the 2024-2025 academic year, and the tricolors could go up next year if they win it on the field. The FER is preparing a regulation change and the VPC will be in talks for these modifications which, according to Gimenez, could include the elimination of the formation player figure, in a draft that will arrive in June before the final approval of July "They also want us to play in Spain, we go there to play rugby and not to take anyone's place", concluded Calvo.

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