Liberals Split With DA and Discard a Pact in The Municipal Elections

The Liberals are "deeply disappointed" with the way the DA was treated following the general election results. Several members of the party, led by Jordi Gallardo, claim that the Democrats "did not respect" the agreement signed, according to which they came together on the regional lists of Andorra la Vella, Ordino, and Saint Julia and in third place. Agreed to stay. The first two parishes with the understanding that, if they won, one of the two holders would be the minister and so the third on the list would enter the General Council. L'A's aim with this agreement was to form its parliamentary group. Ultimately, however, this situation would only happen with Conxita Marsol entering the government in the capital, a fact that would leave the party with only one parliamentarian, who would be unaffiliated. This is the reason why the Liberals of Ordino call the decision of DA the worst. All this has made it impossible, at least for now, to think about renewing the existing agreement for local elections.

Liberals Split With DA and Discard a Pact in The Municipal Elections

Liberals also do not hide the fact that the party has had some bad results and that the executive positions will have to be renewed at the Congress on May 22. Therefore, any decision about communal services will also depend on the temperament of the newly trained administrators. Be that as it may, spirits are deeply affected and a reconciliation with the DA is considered unworkable when elections are called in December.

End the period

An opinion was shared by Eva Choi and Gerard Estrella, who work with the DA and SDP in the communal majorities of Ordino and Andorra la Vella respectively. Both have decided to remain in the joint and end the mandate "that the citizens voted for". He assures that this is a feasible task as there is no bad atmosphere with anyone in the personal sphere and so far the work has been done well, as it has been at the coalition government level as well, he added. On his part, Estrella also remarked that "we will continue to work until December as we were elected and as we committed ourselves regardless of political color".

However, he made no secret of his dismay at how the deal with Democrats fared in the general election and, like other party colleagues, dismissed plans to propose a partisan deal with Xavier's party spot for December. It is possible. "The Parish Committee is outraged by what has happened to the generals", acknowledged Ordino's junior consul, who recalled that "the agreement included that one of the two holders of the territorial list would become a minister and that Marco [ Galbert] entered the General Council." "The Liberals' results were not what was expected, but the regional one won because we went along", Choi defended. For all this, the "Ordino Committee is working on other scenarios" for local elections that do not involve Santri. The Ordinance's policy detailed that relations with the DA were initially so good that it was not even considered necessary to put the election agreement in writing. However, in the end, it was decided to put black on white and sign it, and "in the end, it didn't come true and it's sad", he clarified.

The Minister of Sustainability and Innovation of Andorra la Vella pointed out that "I cannot say for sure because in a few days, there will be a new executive and he will have to decide, but at the moment it is clear that we, together with the DA Can't go. "From now on the intention will be to list as many parishes as possible", reflected Estrella, who remarked that "whenever there is an option we will go alone". In this line, Estrella recalled.

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