Government Opens a Quota for 2,709 Workers

This morning the Council of Ministers approved a quota of 2,709 workers to meet the personnel needs of companies, with 2,399 residence and work authorizations and 310 for border workers. The regulation sets the new conditions for permits for non-EU nationals who will only have to prove two seasons of work in the Principality in order to qualify for this quota.

Minister of Finance and Acting Spokesperson

The Minister of Finance and Acting Spokesperson, Cesar Marquina, has emphasized that with this relaxation of the requirements for temporary workers to work in the country, it is hoped that requests from companies, especially for services, will be met, so that they can count on the staff they already have had contracted in previous periods. The executive figures at 1,500 non-EU employees who can credit two seasons in the Principality.

government quota for worker nuwshux

Marquina has remarked that the new conditions reduce the working period from three to two seasons to qualify for the general quota, recalling that last October the required minimum was reduced from five to three seasons. And he recalled that the rest of non-EU nationals must demonstrate a previous experience of four years in the sector they join in order to obtain a work permit. 

The acting minister has stressed that temporary workers who cannot demonstrate this experience will have to comply with the already established requirement of spending five months outside of Andorra to request a temporary authorization again. And he pointed out that depending on the result that gives this quota for the demands of the companies, that of the summer will be assessed.

The Government has also approved a quota of 250 authorizations for self-employed workers, of which 200 are for residence and work and the rest for liberal professionals. Marquina has indicated that the previous quota for these professionals is almost completely sold out.

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