Five new faces in the call for the chameleons

The rugby team resumes the activity of the European Conference 2 North and will do so with five new additions to the call-up. Adria and Martí Casals, Didact García, Ian Granyena and Hugo Llata ​​are the main new additions to the group of 26 players who will face Finland at the National Stadium on Saturday at 5pm. 

A very powerful opponent who, in fact, is the leader of the group with two victories in two games, which he added in October and in a forceful way against Norway (22-3) and Denmark (31-6).

rugby newshux

European Championship Rugby

The chamois face the first of the two imminent commitments – Finland and Norway – with very good feelings and with the will to recover from the defeat in Denmark that opened the European Championship, on October 1, on the first day. A match with alternatives in which the team led by Paul Alieu and Thierry Barbieri took the lead, but ended up losing 25 to 10 to the Danes.

After the commitment against Finland next Saturday, the chamois will receive Norway on Saturday 29, in the third match of the European Championship. The match, finally, will be played in Prada de Moles, since that weekend FC Andorra will receive Mirandas at the National Stadium in a match corresponding to matchday 38 of the Second Division. Originally, the chameleons' match was to be played at the Municipal Stadium, but Rugby Europe did not give the green light to this pitch option due to a regulatory issue. The Joan Samarra does not have the required minimum width nor is it approved.

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